Breast Health Education

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Breast Health Education aims to help adolescent girls and women to understand the facts related to the breast and to examine with the normal changes in their breast. They could learn to recognize signs of early breast cancer.

When to do examination

  • 7 -10 days after first day of menstruation
  • If no longer menstruating, or very irregular menstruation – pick a day, e.g., first day of the month.

Signs of an Ill-Fitting Bra

  • Breasts bulging at the top, sides or bottom of the bra
  • Underwire digging into your skin
  • Centre of front of bra does not lie against your chest
  • Straps always falling off your shoulders
  • Cup wrinkles
  • Bra comes away from your body when you lift your arms


  • 1:20 women in Malaysia has a risk of getting breast cancer in their lifetime
  • NOT ALL lumps are cancerous
  • If you FIND any unusual change in your breast, see the doctor
  • See the doctor or nurse even when the breast lump is NOT PAINFUL
  • Tight-fitting or underwire bra DOES NOT cause breast cancer
  • Fondling the breasts does not cause breast cancer

Your Responsibility

  • Examine with normal monthly changes in your breasts.
  • Have an annual clinical breast exam by your doctor.
  • Have an annual mammogram done if you are above 40 years of age.